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Wicket Keeping Glove -

Wicket keeper plays a vital role in the game of cricket. He is fielder who stands at the stumps, behind the batsman and his job is to catch the ball that surpass the batsman. In process of stopping delivery, hard leather ball swiftly hits the wicket keeper’s hands consequently leaving the impact of shock. Which can cause blisters, injury or bone fracture. For protection, wicket keeper can wear gloves that are particularly designed for wicket keeping.

Reasons of wearing wicket keeping gloves

Wearing batting gloves help in improving player performance. It improves grip helps in preventing painful and uncomfortable blisters on the palms and fingers, reduce warmth.

Some features of wicket keeping gloves

Palm padding

Hand palm area frequently gets hit by hard and fast ball. Palm covering must have sufficient padding, that will lessen the effect of sudden shock experienced by the wicketkeeper. This part of glove touches the palm, padding in between the mid surface of glove and the palm will not let the force transfer through the glove to your hand. For efficient wicket keeping palm covering should be soft and comfy. Shock absorption material will also help with good gripping over the ball and will not let it slip through the hands.


It is additional surface area joining the index finger and the thumb that offers more space to catch the ball.


These are the uncovered areas between the fingers or on the back of the hand which are made of polyester mesh. These cut out sections are those where no protection is required. These spaces are placed there for breathability and moisture absorption. This ventilation increase grip by providing the hand moisture free environment.


Cuffs are the additional protection at the wrists. When wicketkeeper proceeds to get a full speed catch he may not be able to guess the place where the ball dives or hits the hand. That can cause certain damage to the fingers or wrist. To avoid such injuries heavily cotton wadded cuffs are designed with surety of protecting the wearer from discomfort and serious injuries.

Finger caps

Finger caps are woven in cylindrical shape made from rubber material and filled with high density foam padding. These are designed to prevent the finger tips from impact of shock and to bear the blow. There must be enough spacing between the fingertips and caps for easy fit and to avoid discomfort.


The covering the gloves are made from leather. Leather is flexible and durable material mostly used in making of cricket equipment’s. Rubber is used in finger caps that also supports water proofing feature. Gloves have cotton filling that provide ultimate shock absorption, and silicon that is an artificial rubber material which provides maximum protection and heat absorption.  

How to choose

To give outstanding performance a wicket keeper must take into consideration that the gloves he is using should offer features like comfort, flexibility, grip and protection. Which will enable him to successfully catch the ball. One of the thing which should kept in mind while buying wicket keeping gloves is choosing the right pair of gloves which comfortably fits your hand and doesn’t leave extra space at the fingertips. Moreover, it shouldn’t be super tight.

Top wicket keeping gloves brands

There exist a large range of wicket keeping gloves choosing from this range can somehow be more difficult here mentioning some of the top wicket keeping gloves manufacturing brands for your ease:

  • Puma
  • Kookaburra
  • Adidas
  • gray-nicolls gunn & moore

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