Gray Nicolls Inner Gloves Chamois Plain for Wicket Keeping

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Gray Nicolls Inner Gloves Chamois Plain for Wicket Keeping.

Looking for every advantage possible, an excellent inner glove for wicketkeepers is an essential addition to the kit bag. The product team at Gray-Nicolls has strived to create a great value inner, perfect for junior and club cricketers.

The chamois palm gives ‘keepers great protection in the face of fierce, fast bowling, reducing the impact of hundreds of deliveries cannoning into the hands.

Brilliant mesh-vented fingers give wicketkeepers fantastic temperature control. It gets hot under wicketkeeping gloves, so this ventilation is very welcome after a couple of hours behind the stumps.

An elasticated wristband gives fantastic flexibility and yet another of comfort that is the Chamois inner glove's calling card.


  • Elasticated waistband for added comfort and flexibility
  • Mesh-vented finger offers brilliant temperature control
  • Chamois palms for fantastic padding
  • Cotton backed
  • Secure fit


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