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Cricket Sweater Vest -

Cricket is played in different seasons during a year. It is mostly known as summer sport but can be played in cold weather too. While playing in cold, players need to protect themselves from severity of weather. Cricket Sweaters is the best option to wear in match during cold because it is more comfortable than any other winter clothes like jackets. As in cricket game a cricketer is required to be active and move around wearing stretched cloths can cause difficulty in movement. Cricket Sweaters are loose to wear and allow players to perform in ground without any discomfort. Cricket sweaters usually come in white as this color associated with honesty and perfection which is best color to represent a game like cricket. Other colors are off-white and cream with V-neck design and features different colored bands at neck. Cricket sweaters are also available in colored bands that are at the lower waist and sleeves.

Material used in cricket sweaters

Cricket sweaters are usually made from pure wool, heavy cotton and acrylic yarn. These are also made from a combination of wool and acrylic fiber. Acrylic fibers are synthetic fibers made from a polymer. Acrylic fiber is used to make lightweight and warm fabric. This synthetic fabric is easy to dye and resistant to stains which make this material perfect to use for cricket sweaters. Flexibility and softness of cricket sweaters prevent players from any type of irritation or allergy.

How to choose

Cricket sweaters are available in both with sleeves or without sleeves. Full sleeves are better for the fielders their arms can get scratches while stopping the ball from reaching the boundary. Sleeveless sweaters are suitable for bowlers, while bowling full sleeves can cause problem during the delivery. 

Leading brands  

Most leading brand that are engaged in exporting and supplying an exclusive variety of cricket sweaters are

  • Gray-Nicolls
  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • Slazenger
  • Gunn & Moore

Use of best quality wool and acrylic fabrics and advanced fabrication technology by these brands make them renowned among their customers.

What we are offering

Have a better experience by selecting from a wide range of soft and comfortable sweaters. Our store has a huge range of brands like Slazenger, Gray-Nicolls and GUNN&MOORE which are one of the best cricket clothing brands. Offering you quality sweaters at an affordable price.