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Cricket Helmets -

Cricket helmet is an equipment that is used to protect the cricket player neck, head and face. It is constructed with carbon fiber and Kevlar shell. Cricket batsman wear it to protect him from cricket ball. As the speed of the cricket ball is very fast, often times 140 km/h to 150 km/h, it may cause injury to their head, face or neck. Therefore Cricket helmet is used for his/her protection. It can cover head, face and neck of cricket batsman. It is not only used by the cricket batsman,  the fielders that are positioned near to the cricket batsman (short leg or silly point) can also use it.  The material used in the construction of cricket helmet is ABS plastic, fiberglass, carbon fiber etc.

Main components of the cricket helmet are grill, chin strap, inner form material, outer impact resistant shell.

The cricket helmet you find on our website at Cricket Best Buy can have following qualities:

  • Light in weight
  • Improved rear retention system
  • Increased facial and side protection
  • Removable and washable sweatband
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Well ventilation system

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Available Sizes

  • Senior
  • Senior Large
  • Youth
  • Small/Medium

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