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Cricket Shoes -

Cricket is the 2nd most popular game in the world with estimate of 2.5 billion fans all around world. With such huge fan following there comes a great responsibility on players to perform best for the supporters of their team. To assure success of their team they make sure to cover each aspect of game that can guarantees their victory. One of these aspects is the selection of best cricket gears, these gears includes bat, ball, helmet gloves and shoes. Importance of cricket shoes cannot be neglected in any kind of game so is the case with cricket.

Why to use cricket shoes

For cricketer shoes play main role in the game as ungripped shoes can disrupt balance that can lead to catch drop, this miss fielding can change the face of the game, moreover shoes also play an important role while making runs and doing balling for both purposes player need such shoes that can support their action.

types of cricket shoes

Bowling, batting and fielding are three main actions involved in game for each cricket player need shoes with good grip. To complete all these traits smoothly we suggest you three types of shoes perfect for player’s need.

  • Rubber stud
  • Half spike
  • Full spike

While running more pressure is exerted on the front top of the shoes so this part of the shoe must be flexible. Upper part of the shoe contains mesh for breathability. As shoe, upper front is closed contact with foot so it should be designed in a way that it fits comfortably. For bowlers, high cut shoes are designed that offers protection to the ankle and avoid injury. Another option is lower cut shoe that ends below the ankle, can be used when flexibility is required.

Features of cricket shoes

Outer sole

Outer sole is mostly made using a synthetic thermoplastic material called polyurethane. Outer sole always touches ground and responsible for good grip. To provide proper grip to the ground sole can have rubber stud or spikes. Spikes are thought to have more grip with the ground.

Mid sole

It lies between the inner and outer sole. It offers enough padding to support running action of bowler and enables bowler to deliver comfortably. More importantly midsole is designed to offer shock absorption when player runs fast on the ground.

Inner sole

Inner sole has direct contact with foot it should have sufficient cushioning to avoid uneasiness and should provide moisture control to avoid discomfort in case of sweating.


Spikes are embedded with the sole to provide strong grip to the ground when running on wet and slippery surface.

Material used in making cricket shoes

Traditional method of using leather is now replaced by other synthetic materials which are more durable and relatively less costly. Polyurethane which is a thermoplastic material is now highly used in the manufacturing of shoes in different ways and used to produce breathable synthetic leather.

How to choose

When there is variety of cricket shoes available in market and online shopping sites it can be tough to make right selection. If you are a bowler you should prefer spikes as you must perform bowling which involve sudden foot movements that requires high absorption and support that can be provided by the spikes. More importantly choose the right shoe size so you can perform best in all the three traits batting, bowling and fielding.

Top cricket shoe brands

List of some of the famous cricket shoe brands those have never disappointed their customer and have always designed good quality shoe are as follows:

  • Kookaburra
  • Gunn & Moore
  • Adidas
  • Gray Nicholls

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