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Training Cricket Bat--

Training cricket bats are specialized cricket equipment to improve and help you to practice your cricket skill. There is no particular piece of wood in manufacturing of these cricket bats. Training cricket bats can be Kashmir willow or English willow, as cleared by the name training cricket bats, these cricket bats are used for the training purpose in the field of cricket.
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Sizes of training cricket bats
Training cricket bats comes in different sizes and widths. Some of the training cricket bat’s width is half than the normal cricket bat. Some cricket bats may have shorter handle cane.

Just like other professional cricket bats. Training cricket bats also goes through knocking in and oiling process.

Knocking In is the process of striking the cricket bat’s surface or the face of the cricket bat (where ball strikes) with the old ball (soft leather ball) or with the specialized mallet. This will reduce the risk of cricket bat snapping.Just like the other professional cricket bats, training cricket bats also need to cover their surfaces with the fine raw linseed oil that helps in keeping the surface of the bat tacky.

Some of the training cricket bats
Training cricket bats are intended to enhance and improve your cricket game.
Some of the training bats are

  • Gray Nicolls cloud catcher cricket bat: English willow, it is the best tool to improve your hand and eye co-ordination 
  • Gray Nicolls fielding bat: it Helps in practicing and mastering the art of middling of the ball, both while driving and defending
  • Kookaburra Kahuna Shadow Practice Training cricket bat
  • Kookaburra kahuna fielder practice cricket bat