Kookaburra Long Cut 3.0 Cricket Wicket Keeping Glove Enhanced Catching Cup

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Kookaburra LC 3.0 Wicket Keeping Glove Enhanced ‘Catching Cup’.

  • Style Long Cut.
  • Grade 3.
  • Palm Premium PU with Gusset.
  • Palm Lining Premium PU.
  • Palm Padding Unique Kookaburra catching cup - Cotton.
  • Rubber Kookaburra ‘Octopus’ Grade 1.
  • Finger Backs Super Soft Premium PU.
  • Back Super Soft Premium PU with K Flex Support patch.
  • Back Lining Premium Super Soft Brushed Cotton..
  • Cuff Long with Premium Super Soft Brushed Cotton lining.
  • Web Strap, Law 40.2 Compliant – with reinforcement.
  • Thumb Unique setting to enhance ‘catching cup’.

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