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Cricket Shirt

Cricket shirt at Cricket Best Buy

Each cricket team wear distinct colored shirts to represent their team. Generally, whites are used by the players during test matches. Cricket shirt design and fabrication vary but what makes these shirts preferable then normal or regular shirts. Manufacturers fabricate these shirts considering the precise requirements of players. They offer unique color, size and pattern and shirt’s smooth texture, elasticity and softness helps grabbing player’s attention. Shirts are finely stitched in detailed cuts with proper fitting that must meet the players size requirements. Some of the impressive feature includes colorfastness, longevity and tear resistance that make shirts perfect for the sportswear.

Best color to wear

White is the prefer color to wear when playing cricket, due to its heat reflecting capabilities. During test matches crickets have to stay in cricket ground for whole 5 days, in the burning sun. Facing heat especially during the summer can cause different health conditions like heat-stroke, dehydration and sunburn, wearing white color can reduce these health affecting conditions to some extent. This will increase comfort level of the player and helps in overcoming stress.


High quality fiber is used in fabrication of cricket shirts. These fibers are available in different colors. Manufactures select that material in fabrication that can prevent allergy and offers shrink resistance and colorfastness. Soft polyester fiber is also used that provide moisture absorption and keeps the shirt dry. Breathable mesh is used in shoulders and back.

How to choose

Choose the correct sized shirt for comfort and ease of movement. Cricket shirts are available in both full and half sleeves. Full sleeves are better for the fielders their arms can get scratches while stopping the ball from reaching the boundary full sleeve shirt can be helpful in such situation.

Top brands 

Top brand that are engaged in exporting and supplying an exclusive variety of cricket shirts are

  • Gray-Nicolls
  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • Kookaburra
  • Gunn & Moore
  • Use of best quality fabrics and advanced fabrication technology by these brands make them renowned among their customers.


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