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Cricket Pant Trouser

Cricket players use long pants, unlike other sports where shorts are being used by the players. The reason is that in cricket batsman and wicket keeper have to put on equipment’s like batting pad and thigh guard with straps attached to them such heavy padding can cause discomfort. Use of long pants can prevent rashes and other skin conditions like sun-burn. And for fielder’s long paints act as a layer of protection when they slide or dive to catch the ball, save them from getting injury because of friction against the ground. Moreover, cricket pants are loose and do not affect running speed of the fielders. Like cricket shirts and sweaters, white colored paints are mostly used. Brands also offer variety in pants with different design, colors and patterns according to customer’s requirements.

Material used in making

For optimal comfort and performance cricket Pants are made from medium weight polyester fabric, it is a fiber which has an excellent feature of being stretched which means that these pants are perfect for fielding. Cricket pants offer a comfortable fit with an elastic waist band and stitched in detailed cuts. These may also offer mesh lining for breathability which is good for absorbing moisture. Most cricket pants have two side pockets. All these features provide freedom of physical movement.

Top brands

Providing you a list of top brands which are appreciated by their customers for their great fabrication quality. These brand offer customers comfortable and finely stitched cricket pants with perfect fitting and verity in colors.

  • Gray-Nicolls Cricket
  • Adidas Cricket
  • Nike Cricket
  • Kookaburra Cricket
  • Gunn & Moore Cricket

What we are offering

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