Gray Nicolls Players Cricket Helmet Navy Incredible Protection

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Gray Nicolls Players Cricket Helmet Navy Incredible Protection.

The Players Helmet sits at the very top of our protection range, offering incredible protection for batsmen, with extreme durability, comfort and security. A helmet is an essential item in a player's kit bag, and the Players leaves nothing to chance. At Gray-Nicolls, our expertise ensures that we deliver products that deliver on their promises, and the Players helmet is no exception.

As with the majority of our helmet range, the grille is factory fitted, ensuring its security and correct installation. Where the Players helmet stands out, however, is that the grille is made of titanium. This means that it is more robust, giving batsmen 100% peace of mind.

We have also added foam temple guards and shock absorbers, increase padding and protection to negate the effects if a ball does hit you. Fingers crossed it never will.

Airflow grommets have been placed in the Players helmet to help keep the batsman cool. Batting can be hot work, particularly if you intend on playing long innings, and these grommets work to increase circulation and reduce the heat that can build up on your head.

The Players Helmet is also fitted with an internal strap, keeping the item securely on your head when batting, particularly crucial in modern cricket where extreme movement at the crease is common.

If you are a serious cricketer playing against fast bowling, the Players Helmet could be for you. It will give you the confidence to continue playing your shots even against the quickest bowlers and will protect you if you do get hit.

As with all Gray-Nicolls helmets, the Test Opener conforms to all ICC helmet testing and guidelines.


  • Foam temple guard shock absorbers for increased protection against blows to the head
  • Factory fitted titanium apex grille is secure, robust and lightweight
  • Airflow grommets keep the batsman cool
  • Internal strap for added comfort and security
  • Conforms with all ICC helmet testing and guidelines

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