All You Ever Need To Know About Cricket Kit Bag

During cricket matches and practice sessions, cricketers tend to carry around lots of equipment in cricket kit bag. These cricket gears include bat, ball, helmet, gloves and other accessories. Carrying around this particular equipment, without a cricket kit bag is by no means easy.  This is why, cricket kit bag have been designed in such a way, that the equipment fits in effortlessly and facilitates the player to carry around the cricket gear comfortably.

Cricket Kit Bag Features

Before purchasing any item, you must know the key features, which will help you to select the quality of the product with reliability assurance. To help you choose the suitable cricket kit bag, we provide you some of its features.


All cricket bags come with a carry strap, as it is an essential component that is used to lift the bag up off the ground.  When placing cricket equipment in your bag, it can sometimes prove quite difficult as the bag becomes heavy and requires a lot of effort.  It is therefore essential, when purchasing your bag, you ensure the lifting part of the strap has enough padding to avoid any discomfort.


Rolling bags are used, when heavy items need to be transported but cannot be carried.  These particular bags contain wheels on one end of the bag, which enable you to wheel the bag easily. 

Section / Compartments

A cricket kit bag consists of a middle section and side compartments. Side compartments have a wet/dry section, which enables you to keep cold water bottles here and other essentials.  You can also place other small equipment, such as balls and extra t-shirts in these side compartments.  The middle compartment is mainly for bats, helmets, gloves and shoes.  These bags are designed with great expertise, to make equipment’s arrangement easy.


The lower part of bag is water proof, in order to protect the equipment from getting wet.

Material Used in Cricket Kit Bag

The outer cover of the bag is made with nylon which is a synthetic fiber. As higher durability is required, a thin layer of PVC (long lasting and water proofing material) is applied over the nylon. High density form is used for internal cushioning and a synthetic material, combined with plastic is used in the making of the wheels. All these materials offer maximum protection for the cricket gears.


Are you looking to buy a quality cricket kit bag? Below, are the names of some of the top cricket bag manufacturers.

  • Gray-Nicolls Cricket Bags
  • Kookaburra Cricket Bags
  • Gunn & Moore Cricket Bags
  • Adidas Cricket Bags
  • Slazenger Cricket Bags
  • SG Cricket Bags

      How To Choose Cricket Kit Bag

      First, take an estimate about the amount of equipment you have to carry.  This will give you an idea about your space requirement and secondly, check for the features and validity of the product.

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