Where can I find more information for playing Cricket in New York?

This is the most frequently asked question, whenever I meet someone new.  So I thought, let me write a blog post to help people join a cricket team in New York.  

If you are interested in playing cricket in New York, there are quite a few leagues that you can join.  The biggest league is Common Wealth Cricket League.  It is run my Mr. Lesly Lowe and he has been running it for the past 30 years.   He has over 70 plus teams in his league.  I can actively help you get in touch with him or I can simply help you find a team in the league who is looking for players.  

There are certain other leagues, Eastern American, Brooklyn League, Bangladeshi league and LIPL Cricket League.  These are just few leagues that play in New York.

You can email me or contact me here.  My email address is sales@cricketbestbuy.com.


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