MB Malik Sher Amin Cricket Bat Finest English Willow

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Size: Short Handle (Standard Adult Size Bat)
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MB Malik Sher Amin Cricket Bat Finest English Willow.

  • Other then regular custom toe with more wood meat for better performance and minimize damage
  • With its imposing profile and low sweet spot, MB Malik Sher Amin cricket bat delivers the kind of dynamic performance that is required in the modern game.
  • Featuring traditional profile and aesthetic outlook, this blade could be your perfect partner at the crease
  • Used by Shahid Afridi and may more players.
  • Made from premium B Pro grade English selective willow wood.
  • Big sweet spot area with destructive thick profile.
  • Slightly curve profile.
  • Excellent Balance & Fast pickup.
  • With Full cane pcs handle.

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