Cricket Score Book 80 Innings Landscape Score Book Spiral Softcover Gray Nicolls

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Gray-Nicolls Landscape 80 Innings Score Book Spiral Softcover.

We know the pride cricket scorers take in their scorebook. Colour coded, immaculate penmanship, every last detail recorded. Now Gray-Nicolls has a scorebook to be proud of.

With three size options available, we have a book for the short, medium or long term. 60, 80 or 112 innings are available, making our scorebooks the perfect solution to a huge club with lots of teams or Sunday friendly team.

Available in paperback only, the scorebook is easy to transport and fits comfortably in most bags. If your scorebook is coming to the end of its lifespan, we recommend you pick up the Gray-Nicolls scorebook. Give your scorer the book they deserve.


  • Available in 60, 80 and 112 inning options for long-term use
  • Easy method for recording the score in matches

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