Gray Nicolls GN1000 Cricket Wicketkeeping Gloves

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Size: Adult
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Wicketkeepers rejoice as we launch a new all-black, all-style glove into the range: The GN1000. 

This is a classic design with a square cuff finish, allowing for maximum comfort and performance during a long day in the field.

Following work with key ambassadors such as Ben Foakes and John Simpson, we have evolved the pattern to allow the thumb to become more “open” and the stitched palm ensures the smoothest and biggest catching area possible.

The high-grade PU glove, thin lightweight HDF cuff combined with the ultra-lightweight thimbles make this our lightest glove in the collection. Finger save inserts give extra protection ball after ball.

The high gloss finish ensures the GN1000 Wicketkeeping glove is an outstanding combination of performance and style.


  • Playing Level: Test.
  • Overview: Ultra lightweight PU glove with square cuff and improved catching area.
  • Grip: Octopus grip: flexible, lightweight with a large surface area in contact with the ball.
  • Technical Features: Improved construction for a bigger catching area.
  • Thin HDF cuff design, lightweight thimbles with vapor foam inserts, mesh insert for breathability.
  • Materials: High-grade PU, octopus rubber grip, PU lining.


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