Bratla Pro Plus Cricket Wicket Keeping Pads Legguard

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Size: Adult
Color: Blue
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Bratla Pro Plus Cricket Wicket Keeping Pads Legguard.

Made from premium lightweight HDF foam, these pad are almost weightless, allowing you to move freely and easily whether standing up to spin or back to fast bowlers.

Weight – or lack of it – is the key to this wicketkeeping pad, with HDF EVA front bolster offering maximum protection without compromise in performance. 

That protection is further emphasized with a dual layer of HDF placed in key areas around the pad to avoid painful impacts.

Our ergonomically designed knee gives tremendous coverage, whilst ensuring movement is not restricted. We have made a high arch so the pad fits comfortably around the foot, and used 2-inch straps to prevent excess material hindering your performance. 


  • Premium lightweight HDF foam pad.
  • 100% X-Lite HDF EVA front bolsters.
  • High grade PU cover.
  • Dual layer of HDF on key impact areas.
  • Ergonomically designed knee protection for improved coverage and minimum restriction on movement.
  • High arch design and padded 2-inch straps.

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