Bratla Beast Cricket Kit Bag Duffle for Full Size Kit with 6 Pockets Black/Red

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Bratla Beast Cricket Kit Bag Duffle for Full Size Kit with 6 Pockets Black/Red.

From our Classic luggage range, the Pro Plus Duffle bag offers tremendous performance and an iconic Bratla design. The red and black colorway evoke the feelings of class that Bratla has delivered over time, and the Pro Plus Duffle builds on that foundation.

The bag has a fantastic main storage compartment compared to some of its counterparts in world cricket. There is ample room for all your padding and bats, while the total of six pockets gives you adequate space to stash all your extra items.

At the bottom of the bag is area to place your shoes. These bulky items can quickly fill bag space, so separating them creates extra room, and helps keep you organized.

The Pro Plus Duffle is designed to stand up straight, perfect for the modern dressing room where space is at a premium. It also works brilliantly to store the bag at home during the week, or the long winter, when kit bags can take up much need space in the house.

Two comfortable carry straps make the Pro Plus Duffle a must-have bag this season. If you are a club, league or professional cricketer looking for an efficient piece of luggage to store your kit, try the Pro Plus Duffle.


  • Separate shoe storage leaves plenty of space in the rest of the bag
  • Large main storage compartment for your bulkier items
  • Stand up design ideal for storage in small changing rooms
  • Size: 34" x 14" x 14" inches

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