Gm Maxi F4.5 Dxm 808 Ttnow Cricket Bat

SKU: G6028M

Type: Short Handle

  • The GM Maxi F4.5 DXM 808 TTNOW Cricket Bat is a Grade 2 English Willow cricket bat. The GM Maxi is a superbly well constructed cricket bat. Often bats with low sweet spots could feel slightly off balance. This is not the case with the GM Maxi range of cricket bats. This bat has a superb pickup and is incredibly well balanced. This bat has an immense amount of volume and has a nice low swell depth of 66mm maximum. USA cricketers might find favor with the low swell depth.

    Grade: G2

    Swell Depth: 66mm

    Maximum Edge: 34mm

    Volume Blade: 2244cm3

    Elongated Swell Height

    Powerarc Bow

    Concentrated Toe Power

    Low Sweet Spot

    Reduced ToeξandξShoulders



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