5 Features of Cricket Wicket Keeping Pads & Top Brands

Puma wicket keeping padsWicket keeping pads are considered an absolutely essential part of a cricketer’s attire. It is one of the most compulsory cricket equipment that covers the both legs of a batsman. Wicket keeping pads are used as a defense against the shot which is likely to hit the lower part of legs that includes knees, shins and the lower thigh. A wicket keeper knows the importance of wicket keeping pads quite well. These pads provide essential protection against hard leather ball that could be approaching towards the wicket keeper at high speed taking no protection against it can lead to serious injuries.

5 Features of Wicket Keeping Pads


Face of the pad is of great significance in providing the top most protection to the wicket keeper. Face covers most of the surface of wicket keeping pad. It absorb shock and can effortlessly handle the blow and avert force from reaching towards the leg. Wicket keeping pad offers separated vertical shaped sections at the front face in order to fasten the pad comfortably. A firm synthetic material is used for surface construction to provide maximum shock absorption.

Knee Roll

Your knee requires a secure protection against hard cricket ball having no defense can cause unpredicted damage to the knee joint.

Top Hat

Top hat is the portion of wicket keeping pad, above the knee roll. Which offers the ultimate protection to the lower thighs.


Straps are used to fasten the pad round the legs which are designed in a way to provide comfortable fit and elasticity.


To offer additional protection extra protection is provided at both sides of the pad. Which eliminates the chances of getting hit by the hard leather ball.

Material Used in Making of Wicket Keeping Pads

Leather was usually used to make wicket keeping pads which is now replaced by long lasting low-priced material that is lighter in weight than the previous traditional wicket keeping pads. These replacements include PVC that is a synthetic plastic material, PU referred to as Plastazote is mixture of plastic and blowing agents that creates bubbles in the material and other synthetic materials. wicket keeping pads are consisting of high density foam which is made from PVC and PU. Face of the pads are made from cane which is a light wooden material filled with cotton, all these materials provide high protection against cricket ball and reduce the impact of shock. Manufacturers always try to put their utmost effort to make wicket keeping pads light weight to increase comfort level of the wicket keeper and they use high quality material for durability.

Popular Wicket Keeping Brands

When there are a number of brands in the market it is difficult to select the right choice for yourself. Here providing you the list of some of the well-known wicket keeping pad brands. This list will guide you to buy the right kind of wicket keeping pads.  

  • Gray Nicolls
  • Gunn & Moore
  • Kookaburra
  • Slazenger
  • SG
  • CA Sports
  • MRF
  • Puma

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