Gray Nicolls Legend Cricket Wicketkeeping Pads - Lightweight

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Gray Nicolls Legend Cricket Wicketkeeping Pads - Lightweight

Complete the perfect wicketkeeping look with the Legend leg guards from Gray-Nicolls. The Legend range is for the player that takes pride in both their appearance and performance and the wicketkeeper's leg guards are no different.

The design is beautifully simple, oozing class and style. Comprising just two design colors – Gray-Nicolls red and black, but with features to make even the high-spec pads blush.

Ultra-lightweight HD foam forms the basis of the pad to ensure that two things are achieved – optimum protection and optimum weight. Wicketkeepers crave mobility as much as protection, and the Legend leg guards get the balance right.

Barely any weight is added by the lightweight PU cover on the wicketkeeping pad, but this ensures they stand up to the rigours of hundreds of overs in the field.

Further padding comes in the form of the X-Lite high-density foam EVA bolsters. This robust protection adds another layer of confidence to the leg guards, but their addition barely moves the scale.

A dual layer of high-density foam has been added to the critical impact areas of wicketkeeper's leg guards – knee and shin – to offer extra protection where it's needed most.

Comfort is ensured with our robust testing process, which confirmed out design featuring a high arch was the correct move. Pads will now sit comfortably over shoes, meaning keepers can focus on the job at hand, not adjusting their kit.

Complete the look of a wicketkeeping legend with the new Legend leg guards. If your keeping is half as good as these pads, you'll be doing well.


  • Ultra-lightweight HD foam pad giving wicketkeepers great protection with no compromise on mobility
  • Lightweight PU cover ensures long last of wicketkeeping leg guards in tough conditions
  • X-Lite high-density EVA bolsters offer a robust layer of padding without additional weight
  • Dual layer of high-density foam on crucial impact areas give wicket keepers extra peace of mind
  • High arch design with padded 2-inch straps make the Legend leg guard ultra-comfortable

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