Cricket Pro Plus Thigh Guard Pad Combo All in One

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Size: Adult LH
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Cricket Pro Plus Thigh Pad Combo All in One Top Quality.

For cricketers that want high-level protection and freedom of movement at the crease, the Pro Plus All-In-One Thigh Pad delivers. Calling on all the years of expertise that Cricket Best Buy possesses, this thigh pad is perfect for club cricketers looking to upgrade their protection.

The thigh pad comes with a waist strap that is fully adjustable, allowing you to adapt it depending on comfort preference or regardless of size. An inner thigh guard offers further protection and can save you from a painful blow.

We've designed the thigh pad to be flexible, allowing batsmen to move freely while in action. Too many all in one pads restrict movement - the Pro Plus Thigh Guard by Cricket Best Buy definitely won't.

For dual level protection that will stand up to the game's fastest bowlers, choose the Cricket Best Buy's Pro Plus All-In-One Thigh Guard.


  • Premium body armor suitable to stand up to the demands of cricket
  • Durable PU covering ensures its longevity
  • Ergonomic design moulds to the shape of the player
  • Lightweight straps allow batsmen to move freely
  • Fully adjustable waist strap and built-in inner thigh guard

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