Bratla Heavy Tennis Cricket Ball 125g - Pack of 6 | Hard Tennis Balls for Softball Cricket Games

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Elevate your softball cricket game with the Bratla Heavy Tennis Cricket Ball Pack of 6. Each ball, weighing 125 grams, is meticulously crafted for superior performance in softball cricket matches. Experience the reliable bounce and durability of these hard tennis cricket balls, designed to withstand the demands of softball cricket play. Additionally, the pack includes hard tennis balls for a versatile training experience. With six balls in total, you're well-equipped for extended practice sessions and softball cricket games. Trust in the quality of Bratla for cricket balls that meet the standards of serious players.

  1. Heavy-Duty Construction: Built for durability, these tennis cricket balls are constructed to withstand the demands of softball cricket matches.

  2. Consistent Bounce: Enjoy a reliable bounce with every delivery, allowing you to focus on your game without unpredictable ball behavior.

  3. Weighs 125g: Each ball in this pack weighs 125 grams, meeting the standard weight for serious softball cricket matches.

  4. Hard Tennis Balls: Included in the pack are hard tennis balls for versatile training, allowing you to adapt your practice to different playing conditions.

  5. Pack of 6: Your purchase includes a pack of six tennis cricket balls, ensuring you have enough for an entire softball cricket game or multiple practice sessions.

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