What is Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat and How to Maintain it?

Cricket is a beloved sport around the world and the equipment used, particularly the bat, plays a crucial role in the game. The most preferred wood for the production of cricket bats is willow, with two main types being English willow and Kashmir willow.

Kashmir willow is found in regions of Kashmir and Pakistan, and is known for its toughness and shock resistance, making it a popular choice for professional cricket players. The wood used is mostly willow, but in some cases teak and saal wood are also used. However, bats made from these woods are not as high quality as those made from Kashmir willow.

Kashmir willow cricket bats are handmade and have become increasingly expensive, but they are worth the investment. To maintain the quality and longevity of the bat, it is important to cover the striking area with a protection film and to oil the bat's surface with raw linseed oil before play.

There are several popular brands that manufacture Kashmir willow cricket bats such as Gunn & Moore, Kookaburra, Gray Nicolls, Sanspareils Greenlands, and Slazenger. These bats are available at Cricket Best Buy.

In addition to maintaining your bat, it is also important to knock in the bat before using it by striking the surface with an old cricket ball. This will reduce the risk of the bat snapping.

Overall, Kashmir willow cricket bats are a great choice for professional players looking for a durable and high-quality bat. With proper care and maintenance, these bats can last for many seasons to come.

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    Many brands claim that their bats are ready to use, do we need to oiling and knocking for those too?

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