The Difference Between Red & White Cricket Ball, and How Are Cricket Ball Made

Cricket, one of the most popular sports in the world, involves the use of a hard, solid cricket ball that plays a crucial role in the game. Traditionally, red cricket balls were used in the game. However, with the evolution of cricket, a white cricket ball was introduced, mainly for T20 and ODI matches. Additionally, pink balls are used in some test matches, especially at night.

One of the main reasons behind using a pink ball in test matches is that red balls have poor visibility under yellow floodlights, appearing brownish and blending with the pitch. In contrast, the white ball offers better visibility, especially at night. This is essential for cricket enthusiasts who follow the game through various online platforms and television. Moreover, the white ball appears more prominent on screen, making it easier for viewers to follow the game.

Another significant difference between the white and red cricket balls is their manufacturing process. Although most manufacturers use the same technique to make both balls, the only difference is the color used for dying. For instance, Kookaburra, one of the renowned manufacturers of cricket balls, claims that the swinging properties of their red and white cricket balls are the same. However, players and researchers claim that the white ball swings more than the red ball.

A cricket ball comprises several layers. The inner hard core of the ball is made of cork, which is then shaped into a sphere and covered with tightly wound string. The outer layer of the ball is made of leather, and the ball's seam is formed by sewing a string around the equator of the ball.

There are several brands of cricket balls available in the market, known for their quality and performance. These include Gunn and Moore, Kookaburra, Slazenger, CA, and SG cricket balls.

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