SS Blast Cricket Bat Short Handle


Size: Short Handle

SS Blast Cricket Bat Short Handle.

  • Grade 5 willow
  • Round Handle
  • Concave Edge
  • Specially designed Aqua Grip with Embossed Sunridges
  • Combination of Sarawak cane Handle

The SS Blast Cricket Bat is an English Willow cricket bat that is made with a full face profile to give a lot of power. The toe of the SS Blast Cricket Bat is slightly rounded and is much to the liking of many players. The large edges and the great balance and weight distribution means that the batsman can generate maximum amount of power in their shots. The semi-oval handle is renowned for giving batsmen the best control of the cricket bat and the best comfort. This is a budget English Willow cricket bat and is a fantastic cricket bat for those beginning with a leather cricket ball.

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