GN Cover Point Brief Pro Gray Nicolls

SKU: GN8177

Size: Boy

GN Cover Point Brief Pro

  • Designed to provide exceptional support for greater comfort.
  • Sport-specific fabrics that allow the garment to move naturally with the body even during the most strenuous athletic activities.
  • Moisture controlling ventilation channels allow air to flow close to the skin drawing heat way from the body.
  • Elasticated waistband & flat seams.
  • Can be worn with most abdominal guards



Wicking(a capillary action) is the process of drawing perspiration away from the skin through a material. Once the perspiration is drawn away from the skin it can evaporate without having a cooling effect on the body. Our base layer is made of synthetic materials because they do not absorb moisture very well but are good at transporting it away from the skin.


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