GUNN & MOORE Icon Geo Green Cricket Helmet

SKU: G5606M

Size: Large

  • GUNN & MOORE Icon Geo Green Cricket Helmet
  • Traditionall styled, technically advanced helmet for the serious cricketer.
  • Traditional cloth covered to outer shell.
  • PROTECTIVE SHELL -Very high performance monocoque construction delivers exceptional impact absorbing properties in a classic design.
  • PEAK- Robust peak and the precisely positioned Geo Steel grille greatly reduces the risk of a ball penetrating the gap between the two.
  • ADJUSTABLE BAND - Complete with a dial adjuster band for ease of fitting and removal of helmet mid innings. The helmet also comes complete with a range of interchangeable comfort pads ensuring a comfortable fit and also allows junior cricketers to alter the fit as they grow.
  • FACE GRILLE -Fitted with a Geo Steel grille as standard. The Geo Steel grille utilises Geodesic designs which are mathematically proven to be ultra strong structures. The use of Geodesic designs ensures the grille has optimal impact resistance from all frontal directions. All bars of the Geo grille feature properties of Geodesic curvature.
  • SIZES- Senior Large (59-63cm),Senior (56-60cm) and Senior Small (54cm-57cm).

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