Gray Nicolls Test Original 750 Batting Pads - Men

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Gray Nicolls Test Original 750 Batting Pads

Old school is cool this year, and the Test Originals 750 Batting Pads give those throwback vibes with all the modern innovation you’d expect from Gray-Nicolls. 

These batting pads, ideal for club or professional cricket, come with the classic cane fronted design. This offers maximum protection against the fastest bowlers in the world. We’ve also added vapour foam bolsters with cane rods, adding yet more protection without unnecessary weight.

The vapour foam knee with poly armour will repel even the quickest deliveries with minimal fuss, enabling you to flex and move easily at the crease.

We have used diffuser foam for our full-length wing on the pad for additional protection, and on the instep to ensure any impact in boney areas is significantly reduced.


  • Classic cane fronted design
  • Vapour foam bolsters with cane rods
  • Vapour foam knee with poly armour
  • Full length diffuser foam wing
  • Diffuser foam instep

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