Gray Nicolls DynaDrive Cricket Bat English Willow

SKU: GN2310

Size: 12-14 Years Old Size Harrow

Gray Nicolls DynaDrive Cricket Bat English Willow.

A massive favourite of the world's elite batsmen, the Gray-Nicolls Dynadrive Cricket Bat provided players with the benefit of an immensely light pick up, supreme balance and exceptional power from a full spine profile and original dual scooping.  These unique benefits have not been changed at all as Gray-Nicolls relaunch another classic, iconic cricket bat.

A huge edge profile, and impressive even bow make the Gray-Nicolls Dynadrive an imposing cricket bat that will be the talk of the opposition as you stride out to bat.


  • Made in Englanad ,one of the birth origin of cricket ,this unique blade is a Grade A or grade 1 furnished English Willow.

  • You will see some 8-12 grains on the front protion.

  • This bat is equipped with better stroke playing ability & some good bat profile for executing power pack performance.

  • Dynadrive gave players the advantage of a fabulous light swing speed, flexible adjust and remarkable power from a full spine profile.

  • The bat sweet spot is exactly in the middle location, which makes the batsman easy for hitting lofted cricket shots.

  • One can expect edges upto 40 millimeters thick.

  • It has New twofold surface Zone Grip for superb control of the sharp edge.

  • Original Dual Scooping for Perfect Balance and Pick-Up.
  • Maximum Edge and Spine Profile for Extreme Power.
  • Mid Blade Sweet Spot.
  • Even Bow throughout the blade.
  • Semi-Oval Handle for optimum comfort.
  • Half Moon Grip.
  • Finest 12 Piece Cane Handle.
  • Original 1960s Gray-Nicolls Branding.
  • Pre-Prepared by Gray-Nicolls.


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