Gray Nicolls Academy Batting Gloves

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Gray Nicolls Academy Batting Gloves.

The Gray-Nicolls Academy batting gloves have been specially designed to provide an entry-level glove in our Classic range, giving cricketers that are new to the game the opportunity to experience legendary Gray-Nicolls items.

Subtlety and class are abundant on the Academy glove, with pure white protection except for the red flash of the Gray-Nicolls logo, offset by the black and white check sweatbands, one of our classic calling cards.

The great value of the Academy gloves comes in the features they offer at a fantastic price. Firstly, the high-class select leather palms promise batsmen fantastic comfort during extended stays at the crease, and fantastic durability to last many, many months.

From the Classic range, the Academy uses traditional sausage fingers which give fantastic protection and flexibility. Not only this, but they are lightweight, an essential characteristic of batting gloves aimed at your players.

As far as entry-level batting gloves go, the Academy from Gray-Nicolls brings you so many fantastic features. One of the most important is the Tri-layer protection system. This three level system distributes the effect of the impact of medium and fast bowling, lessening the chance of getting seriously hurt.

All these features equate to peace of mind. Peace of mind that allows batsmen – particular junior cricketers – to focus on hitting the ball and scoring runs.


  • Select leather palms for brilliant performance on an entry level product
  • Traditional finger design, with brilliant flexibility
  • Tri-layer protection reduces impact throughout the glove, crucial for young cricketers


      Check your size carefully before you buy to ensure a comfortable fit. To measure your glove size, start of the wrist and measure to the tip of your middle finger (the longest one) in a straight line. 

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