Cricket Wicket Stumps Red Pro Plus Wooden Stumps Set of 3 Stumps

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Cricket Wicket Stumps Red Pro Plus Wooden Stumps.


  • Sold as a set of six or set of three stumps with bails
  • High visibility option for poor weather
  • Ideal for T20 cricket
  • Standard 28" stumps wickets
  • Made of high quality wood painted and polished.
  • Come with carry bag for easy transportation

There will be no sweeter sight for a bowler than to see their best delivery knock a red stump out of the ground, cartwheeling backwards to create a firework effect through the air.

The red color is also a fantastic option when on-field visibility is poor. Cricket is often played in dingy conditions with light at a premium, so the red stumps will make it easy for players, officials and supporters alike to see at all times.

The Neon Stumps are an excellent option for clubs that play lots of T20 cricket, or want to up the ante in their league games.

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