Cricket Abdominal Guard Slip-in Groin Protector with Ventilation

Cricket Best Buy
SKU: CB770

Size: Large Men

Cricket Abdominal Guard Slip-in Groin Protector with Ventilation.

Introducing Cricket Best Buy's abdominal guard slip in design with vents. The cricket abdominal guard offers excellent performance for players facing any bowler. Made of using toughened PVC, the cricket abdominal offers brilliant protection, allowing the player to focus on batting.

We have added padded edging for extra comfort, enabling players to forget they are wearing the abdominal guard by the time they come to face their first ball.

Cricket Abdominal Guard Padded Edging with Straps Foam Casing.


  • Ergonomically shaped for improved fit & protection.
  • High impact resistant poly protector.
  • Toughened ABS plastic for maximum protection when you need it most.
  • Border bound with foam casing stuffed with fluffed cotton.
  • Shaped to give optimum groin protection.
  • Available in size Boy, Youth and Men.

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