Coaching Cricket Bat Field and Slip Catching Practice Bat Black

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Coaching Cricket Bat Field and Slip Catching Practice Bat Black.

To transform fielding sessions, we present the training cricket bat to mimic the high catches you will receive in matches. The training cricket bat is a must-have accessory for a coaches kit bag that will ensure you are match ready.

Made with high-density foam, the training cricket bat allows you to hit the cricket ball extra high, testing your fielders with match-like catches in practice.

The coach won't need to be a brilliant player to achieve the desired distance for the hit – the foam is highly receptive and will fly, even if you mistime the hit.

So whether you have dropped some catches the week before or you want to pre-emptively practice in pre-season, the training cricket bat is an essential component of a coach's kit.

  • Enhances catching and fielding skills
  • Constructed from high-density foam
  • It is suitable for fielding practice
  • Catching a ball during practice
  • Bat length: 28" inches long

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