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CA Faster Tape Ball Cricket Bat For Lightweight Softball Adult

This natural colored willow bat is something which is an iconic yet artistic state bat in the collection of softball bats. The aerodynamic shape of this product enables batsmen to hit huge sixers. This bat comprises a heavy lowered sweet spot that facilitates batsmen to shot long-distance hits. Also, it is as light as a feather so it can be picked up comfortably. The durable rubber grip is another leading feature, which gives you a firm grip. The length of this bat is 50 inches with a blade size of 34-34.5 cm.

  • State of the art bat in the softball range. 
  • Aerodynamic shape for hitting huge sixers.
  • Thick lowered sweet spot with 
  • Full colored body with attractive branding.
  • Length 50 inches 
  • Blade Size 34-34.5 cm 

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