Bratla Pro Plus Cricket Batting Pads Legguards


Size: Men RH
Color: Royal Blue

Bratla Pro Plus Cricket Batting Pads Legguards.

The Bratla Classic collection features batting leg guards that bare the unmistakable hallmarks of our iconic brand. The Pro Plus cricket batting pads, ideal for professional or club players alike, fulfil just about every wish a cricketer could have, and then some.

The Pro Plus cricket batting pads have a range of features that will ensure your performance is never compromised.  They include fantastic Vapor foam bolsters with cane rods, which deliver fantastic protection against even the fastest bowlers, but without adding excess weight that can burden some pads.

Further to this, the Pro Plus cricket  leg guards also feature Vapor foam knee with Poly-armor. This will allow the batsman to move freely at the crease, moving forwards and backwards with ease as their innings develops, while also protecting them in the heat of battle. 

Additionally, the Pro Plus cricket pads give batsmen fantastic coverage on the side of the pad – an area that has previously been overlooked – courtesy of the full-length diffuser foam wing. This will provide significant protection if the ball cannons into the area, saving you from what can be a very painful blow.

Lastly, the diffuser foam instep gives incredible comfort during what can long, sweaty innings. They are soft and supple, reducing the risk of soreness, while the foam adds yet another layer of protection regardless of the bowlers you face.

The Pro Plus is a fantastic product that takes pride of place in our new collection. Designed with high-level club cricketers in mind, the Pro Plus looks and feels exactly what it is – an incredible product.


  • Vapor foam bolster with Cane rods offer fantastic protection with no weight compromise
  • Vapor foam knee with Poly-armor giving batsmen incredible flexibility
  • Full-length diffuser foam wing gives added protection at the side of the pad
  • Diffuser foam instep for comfort and additional performance
  • Designed by our specialist product team based in New York.

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