Slazenger V100 G2 Cricket Bat

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Type: Short Handle
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  • The iconic V100 is the spearhead of the Slazenger V Series range and has been for the last decade, our new 2015/16 edition used the same profile from 2014/15 with new modern graphics to appeal to all three formats of the game.
  • Its powerful profile, great balance and maximised edges make it ideal for the stroke player who scores all around the wicket.
  • The V100 evokes all elements of POWER PRECISION PERFORMANCE.
  • PLAYER TYPE: All Round Stroke Player
  • Developed for players who demand an ultra lightweight bat with supreme balance.
  • English Willow Quality hand selected English Willow expertly
  • Low-Mid Blade Improved profile with concave crafted spine ensures maximum edge thickness and side profiling for destructive precision.
  • Semi-Oval 12 Piece Cane Specially selected cane delivers an optimal combination of power, control and flexibility.
  • EDGE:
  • Xtreme Edge Profile Contoured edges maximise power generated to improve bat performance.
  • BOW:
  • Standard A subtly bowed blade generates a perfectly balanced pick up to deliver increased power and control.
  • TOE:
  • Tapered A tapered toe as standard provides a superior stance position.
  • Willow is distributed across the toe in line with a concaved profile for a better pick up.
  • FACE:
  • Flat/Rounded The perfect combination of durability and power; edges are hand rounded for better performance.
  • GRIP:
  • Hybrid Combines two different textures of grip to deliver exceptional grip for both the top and bottom hand.

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