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Kookaburra Verve Prodigy 80 Cricket Bat


  • $74.95

Kookaburra Verve Prodigy 80 Cricket Bat.

Hand crafted from Grade 1 Kashmir Willow, the Verve Prodigy is designed for raw, aggressive play: the kind of relentless run-scoring style that wins matches. Its slightly rounded edges and face lend themselves to creative shot selection, using every part of the bat to score at any opportunity. An imposing profile and powerful low sweetspot offer the kind of dynamic performance that’s vital for the modern-day game.

Kookaburra Cricket truly believes in the importance of quality handcrafted cricket bats. With recent extensive investment in Kookaburras cricket bat making facilities in the UK and India, the brand ensures it maintains its hands on quality control, to ensure you get a Kookaburra cricket bat that has had the personal touch. What makes Kookaburra cricket bats stand out from the crowd is the sheer size of the sweet spot and edges you ll be getting great value for your shots with a blade that marries immense power with supreme pick-up. 

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