Gm Sigma F4.5 Dxm 808 Cricket Bat

Type: Short Handle (Standard Adult Size Bat)
Sale price$300.00


GM F4.5 technology features a Big Bat design, optimised flatter face and improved spin control. 808 for top quality English Willow.

The GM Mogul F4.5 DXM 808 SH Cricket Bat is made in England from superior unbleached seasoned Grade 2 English Willow and features:

GM cutting edge DXM technology

CAD optimised weight distributuin zones for: Balanced pick up; extended sweetspot; smoothest power

Big edges

Toetek toe protector reduces toe damage and feathering and defends against damp.

GM DriGuard

GM Now -The ultimate knocked-in finish to reduce cracking, swelling, splitting and damp

Each Sigma F4.5 Bat weighs between 2lb 10oz and 2lb 15oz.

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