Gm Icon Dxm Original Cricket Bat Short Handle

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Gm Icon Dxm Original Cricket Bat Short Handle.
  • GM Powerarc Blade
  • Thick Power Edges
  • High Swell Position
  • Lightweight Design
  • GM Control Grip
  • Super Concave Profile and Toe
  • Superior unbleached seasoned Grade 1 English Willow
  • Straight grained with a hint of colour and minor cosmetic blemishes
  • Fitted with top quality treble spring multi-piece cane handle for outstanding feel, flex and control.
  • Handle ovalled for natural bottom hand location comfort and control
  • GM NOW! And ToeTek finish fitted as standard
  • GM NOW! : Knocked-in  by the batmaker in-house. DriGuard applied to resist damp and minimize toe swelling. Raw linseed oil applied to reduce cracking and splitting by maintaining the moisture level of the blade. Clear anti-scuff cover applied to the face and edges to increase blade durability
  • ToeTek Technology:Specially shaped resilient shield fitted to toe of bat. Reduces toe damage and feathering that is often caused by tapping at the crease. Further barrier to damp

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