SG Cricket Bat Mallet



SG Cricket Bat Mallet.

When you get a new cricket bat it has to be knocked in before use. This helps prevent the bat from cracking when the hard cricket ball hits the blade. Knocking the bat in also helps makes the middle bigger and better prepared for forceful impacts.

Functions and Usability

An ideal tool to knock your cricket bat in with is the SG Double-sided Wooden Bat Mallet. This wooden mallet helps you strengthen the surface of the cricket bat by giving your bat a final hardening that cannot be achieved by machine pressing during manufacture. The double-sided mallet helps maintain your cricket bat and increase its lifespan.

SG began selling cricket bats in India back in 1982. Today, SG is known the world over for their high quality cricket gear that is recommended by world champions. SG helps create future cricket champions and is determined to spread the love of the game among casual players.


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