Gray-Nicolls Cricket Bat Protect Toe Guard Kit



Gray-Nicolls Cricket Bat Protect Toe

Kit includes:

  • 1x Tube of Adhesive
  • 2x Strips of Toe Shield
  • 1x Piece of Sand Paper

Protective rubber for the toe of your bat

Excellent for minimizing "toe swell" & yorker damage

Toe Shield is an easy to apply do-it-yourself product for new and old cricket bats.

Toe shield helps prevent Yorker Damage Splits, Cracks, Water Damage and Moisture Swelling.


  1. The bat must be dry and fee of oil to allow toe to bond properly.
  2. Rough up the toe of the bat with the sand paper supplied.
  3. Apply the first coat of adhesive evenly over the toe of the bat and the smooth side of the Toe Shield.
  4. Leave for 15 minutes and re-apply a second coat of adhesive to both surfaces again.
  5. Immediately attach the Toe Shield to the toe of the bat and apply pressure evenly.
  6. it is recommended to apply adhesive tape over the toe of the bat to secure Toe Shield down while drying.
  7. To achieve the best result leave for 12 hours. 
  8. For a professional finish Toe Shield can be carefully trimmed with a sharp knife.
  9. if required the second strip can be attached to the face of the bat using the same instructions above.

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