Gray Nicolls Shockwave 5 Star Cricket Bat Adult English Willow

SKU: CB746

Size: Short Handle

Gray Nicolls Shockwave 5 Star Cricket Bat Adult English Willow.

Be prepared to change the game of cricket with the new Shockwave cricket bat by Gray-Nicolls. The traditional image of cricket will be smashed to smithereens with this ultra-modern bat with its cutting-edge new look.

The Shockwave bat is loud, aggressive and in your face. Designed with the T20 era in mind, this piece of English Willow moves Gray-Nicolls directly to the centre of cricket's fast-paced revolution.

With a high middle and pronounced swell, the Shockwave 5 Star packs all the power you need to send the ball flying. This is the ideal cricket bat for a top-level club or county player to stand and deliver, hitting the boundary consistently and with total confidence.

The vast edges of the Shockwave ensure maximum distance even if you mistime the ball slightly, leaving the bowlers befuddled and bewildered.

The Shockwave's fractured sticker effect draws focus to the big sweet spot, with the jagged graphics adding to its imposing feel. This might be our boldest design yet.

As with all Gray-Nicolls designs, the Shockwave was honed over months of research and design, and developed with some of our leading cricketers including Alex Hales. That has allowed us to design a 5 Star bat that performs above and beyond the level you need.

Made with the finest English willow, the Shockwave promises only minor blemishes on wood, with straight grains, and a guarantee to turn heads when you walk to the crease.

With bat sizes from 5 through to long handle, there is a Shockwave 5 star cricket bat for all.

As ever, the Shockwave cricket bat is fully quality controlled in Robertsbridge and hand-picked in the bat cave to suit your chosen specifications.

  • Designed by our product experts in Robertsbridge, charged with bringing batsman every advantage possible.
  • Handcrafted by the master bat makers at Gray-Nicolls in Robertsbridge and around the world.
  • Eye-catching fracture sticker design that draws the eye to the pronounced middle
  • Distinctive cold blue colours across the entire Shockwave range
  • High swell, allowing batsmen to hit the ball on the up, out the ground.
  • Full profile and intimidating edges give batsman extra confidence to clear the ropes
  • Quality controlled in Robertsbridge
  • Weight Range: Junior 2lb 0oz - 2lb 6oz, Senior 2lb 7oz - 2lb 12oz
  • Finish: Extratec
  • Semi-oval handle for comfort and complete control

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