Gray Nicolls Shockwave 4 Star Cricket Bat Adult English Willow

SKU: CB748

Size: Short Handle

Gray Nicolls Shockwave 4 Star Cricket Bat Adult English Willow.

The Shockwave 4 Star bat enables you to dominate – no – change the game of cricket. Bowling attacks will wilt, then marvel, at the power you can generate with the new Gray-Nicolls weapon.

The bright colours and aggressive designs are perfect for the modern cricketer looking to make an impact. If this sounds like you, the Shockwave is the cricket bat for you. Join the Gray-Nicolls revolution as we smash into the new era.

With a high middle and pronounced swell, the Shockwave 4 Star will give you the power needed to dominate bowling attacks. An ideal bat for a good level club cricketer or friendly player, it will allow you to clear the boundary consistently and with ease, without compromising with weight.

The Shockwave 4 Star cricket bat has huge edges that mean maximum distance even when the timing is minimal. That means value for shots, and despair for bowlers.

The fractured sticker effect of the Shockwave emanates from the middle of the bat and exaggerates the sweet spot, while the jagged graphics add to the intimating feel. The Shockwave is perfect for modern cricket.

As with all Gray-Nicolls designs, the Shockwave was created after months of research and design, and developed with some of our leading cricketers including Alex Hales and Joe Clarke.

Made with the English willow, the Shockwave 4 Star will have some blemishes on wood, with slightly looser, less frequent grains, but with the guarantee of unbeatable Gray-Nicolls performance.

As ever, the Shockwave cricket bat is fully quality controlled in Robertsbridge and hand-picked in the bat cave to suit your chosen specifications. The 4 Star Shockwave bat is only available in Short Handle.

  • Designed by our product experts in Robertsbridge, charged with bringing batsman every advantage possible.
  • Only available in Short Handle
  • Handcrafted by the master bat makers at Gray-Nicolls in Robertsbridge and around the world.
  • Eye-catching fracture sticker design that draws the eye to the pronounced middle
  • Distinctive cold blue colours across the entire Shockwave range
  • High swell, allowing batsmen to hit the ball on the up, out the ground.
  • Full profile and intimidating edges give batsman extra confidence to clear the ropes
  • Quality controlled in Robertsbridge
  • Weight Range: Senior 2lb 7oz - 2lb 12oz
  • Finish: Extratec
  • Semi-oval handle for comfort and complete control

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