Gray Nicolls Mini Cricket Bat 15" inches Miniature Autograph Cricket Bat

SKU: CB735


Gray-Nicolls Miniature 15"  inches Cricket Bat.

This is 15" inches mini cricket bat, it can be used for autograph or any other purpose.

Made of wood, with gray nicolls logo.

Autograph Cricket Bat.

In the age of the smartphone, collecting autographs could be seen to be a bit of an anachronism. However, with an Autograph Bat from Gray-Nicolls, getting your favourite player's autograph will be top of your priority list.

We have created the Autograph bat in three options: mini, short handle, and English Willow Short Handle. The English Willow version is designed to create a true collector's item – a top quality bat to present the greatest names in the game.


  • Perfect for collecting the signatures of your favorite players


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