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sg phoenix xtreme cricket bat

SG Phoenix Extreme Cricket Bat Kashmir Willow


  • $49.00

Traditionally Shaped and Styled

SGs Phoenix Xtreme cricket bat is made with the traditional cricket bat design, with a curved toe, short handle and long mid-blade.

Thick Edges and Curved Blade

The bat is made from superior quality Kashmir willow with thick edges and a curved mid blade, which gives it an overall strong built to perform well in tournaments.

Saravak Cane Handle

The bat has a small handle made from Saravak cane which which makes it a lightwieght yet sturdy handle.

Covered with Face Tape

The body of the bat is covered in face tape, to prevent cracking and scratches.

Bat cover with Adjustable Strap of Full Length

The bat comes with a cover with an adjustable cover so that you can carry the products easily and also protect it from any harmful exposure

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