Predator3 Destroyer PP Cricket Bat Gray Nicolls

SKU: G7013N

Size: Short Handle

  • Grade 5 English willow.
  • Handle Shape: Semi Oval handle for comfort and complete control.
  • Handle: Finest 12 Piece Cane for maximum feel through the blade.
  • Grip: Classic chevron provides the complete retro look.
  • Profile: Full blade profile provides professional performance.
  • Bow: Mid blade bow.
  • Edge: Maximum edge width.
  • Strike Zone: Mid-blade, ideally suited for both front and back foot play.
  • Weight: 2lb 1oz – 2lb 6oz.
  • Finish: Pro face cover.
  • Pre-Prepared:Partially knocked in, oiled, toe guard and anti scuff sheet fitted.

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