Gm Icon F4.5 Dxm 303 Cricket Bat Men Short Handle English Willow

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Gm Icon F4.5 Dxm 303 Cricket Bat Men Short Handle English Willow.

Caring for Your Gunn & Moore Bat:

This bat has been made from fine quality specially seasoned English Willow by Gunn & Moore craftsmen using skills and techniques perfected over more than an century of creating the world's finest bats. To Maintain this bat in peak condition we recommend you to follow this simple advice.

GM Now! And Grained Finish:

Pre-knocked in with antiscuff cover applied to face and edges to increase blade durability.  These bats need "playing in". Exposed willow will require light oiling if the willow becomes very dry.


A specially shaped resilient shield fitted to the toe of the bat, which reduces toe damage and feathering that is often caused by tapping at the crease. Also acts as a further barrier to damp.

GM Driguard:

Most GM bats are treated with GM Driguard applied to the toe of the bat to reduce water absorption. This helps prevent toe swelling making the toeless susceptible to moisture induced damage. Driguard will repel oil as well as moisture and oil applied to this area should just be wiped off.

303 Bats:

No Oiling is required. However, during play the white PU coating will wear from the toe area and any exposed willowshould be lightly oiled as described in GM manual.


  • High swell position for superb balance.
  • Super concave back and toe profile for lightweight pickup.
  • Made in England from prime English willow.
  • GM Now factory prepared plus ToeTek.

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